Artist's Statement

        As a light installation artist and sculptor, I am inspired by the beauty of nature, science, environmental issues and technological advances. I create large scale immersive light installations using the latest technologies in the computer and light industry, mass produced objects, 3D printing, laser technology and a variety of other processes and materials. Formally, my work has a very distinctive style that I have developed for the past two decades. My installations present original and cutting age ideas in the new media artistic field. The vibrant energy and the unique esthetics of my work bring liveliness, color and brightness into the space of the viewers, stimulating the visual senses and transponding the audience into cutting edge futuristic artificial ecosystems.

        Conceptually, my work is about creating artificial technological environments that simulate the “beauty” assigned to the natural landscapes or environments. The experience of seeing it does not come only from direct visual observation, it is also about seeing through the lenses of technology and progress made in a plethora of disciplines, from underwater cameras to space telescopes. My installations insist on the visual transformation of inorganic into organic matter, and the blending of the organic with geometric. The aesthetic aspects of my art comment on the antithetic perception of real vs. artificial or organic vs. geometric. The infusion of my art ideas with the new technologies relies on current availability of materials on the market, which are also well received through consumer perspective. Better technologies can improve the environment by consuming less energy. The balance between nature and technological progress is still fragile; however, my art is not treating them as antithetical.

        My artistic medium is light. Since such a medium does not exist by itself. I use all aspects of this technology as visual elements in the creation of my work. For example, each cable connecting components becomes important and it is manipulated to create an interesting effect. Based on my previous painting/drawing background, I use the materials to physically paint or draw in a 3D space. All the electronic components are transformed into a story about the technology of the moment. The light installations and sculptures are filled with various recycled plastic materials that are changing the perception of the light and are advancing the phenomenology of light.

        There are current discursive practices continuing from the perspective of the semiotics mechanism. The conversation with new and exciting information that connects the aesthetic and use of technology to the individual perception of the art work define the context of the work in the individual experience as a sign of communication, a construction of the self-based on this infusion of technology into the gamut of human activities. My art investigates not only the implications of consumerism on post constructed self, but the link between culture and the individual through the various technologies.

        Any technical equipment or objects carry meaning in the form of signs, which are social constructs that stand for their utility, define the purpose of certain activities, and/or facilitate new types of communication. The meaning of my work comes from revealing and exposing the role of certain technology in the formation of the person as a cultural framework of the post self, by analyzing this idea in contemporary coordinates, as time and place. I also hope to emphasize the role of artists associated with new media in the current main cultural and social movements, to place the meaning of their artworks in the context of the present technological developments and to point to their social, cultural and political impact.

        By revealing the scale of personal expressiveness through new technologies, the aesthetic discourse is questioned by the presence of consumer electronics as an art subject and material. The self-referential materials allow the viewer to become a consumer once again. As for myself, as an artist, it is a way to escape engrained aesthetics and recharge the art making process.

        My art offers opportunities to investigate the visual significance of contemporary technologies. It provides a commentary on the individual interaction, theoretical discussion of the post-traditional self and how certain technologies are embedded in our culture.