Primordial Garden: Outdoor Art Installation at Art League Houston by Artist Adela Andea


Art League Houston presents their outdoor garden which has been transformed into a fantasy land by Houston based artist Adela Andea. This outdoor art installation transforms the Art League Houston Sculpture Garden into a sprawling metropolis of manufactured Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lights, flex neon, computer hardware & plastics that weave throughout the surrounding trees, creating a prismatic landscape.

Artist Adela Andea works in the medium of light and the Primordial Garden is a perfect example of Andea’s  creative abilities and her mastery in lighting design. The aims of Primordial Gardens is to show almost a blueprint of how electronics and other man-made objects can be spliced into natural environments, creating an otherworldly environment, industrial yet natural.

“In my vision there is not one unilateral truth or message about reality.  The subjective encounter through personal individual experience with the artwork is one dimension that creates many other layers of reality. Confronting the discrepancy between ideas, understanding of the concept in the context of socio-cultural present preoccupation, and the actual experience, events, the reality can be manipulated by the way is presented, argued.

 Through art, the transformation of information has been mitigating the two extremes, between the valuable resources of information and the end product responsibilities for recycling, giving a different meaning to the phrase “residual value.” In addition the fast scientific developments almost enable us to distinguish between present and future technologies; a question I always ask myself when encountering new information: it has been done and succeed it, is experimental or it is envisioned to happen in some laboratories?” – says Artist Adela Andea

The installation will be on view for visitors until 22nd February 2013 at the Art League Houston

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