Special “Eye” to Watch
June Mattingly // contributing art writer

work stands out in a group show
at Cris Worley’s Gallery

”We are a culture of technological embodiment. My art introduces conceptual analyses of
the types of communications, referring to the field of cybernetics, and mediates between
physical presence of electronics and hyper reality of information. My installations and artworks
generate a dialogue about the interaction between people and new technologies, socio-
political issues raised through the dynamic and rapid industrialization and globalization and
analyze the consensus reality about the current stage of the ecology of electronics.”
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“Quantum Computer,” 2010, cold cathode florescent lights, computer case fans, dc adapter
As these visuals confirm, Adela’s skill creating light-filled three-dimensional sculptures
of neon strips that submerge the attention-spanning surrounding spaces into truly beautiful
hypnotic sensory experiences. With light alone she transcends the viewer
into a computer-created uplifting and totally unreal sphere. The hardware sections,
“a medium to themselves” to support and hold the strips together are an integral
element in the complicated digitally conceived constructions while the glow in the
physical space surrounding the whole wall and the viewer increases the electrifying
presence of the art piece.
” Nanobot,” 2010, cold cathode florescent lights, computer case fans, dc adapter
“The numerous transitions in my life made me think about the enormous capability of
people to adapt to situations and even more, search for the new possibilities of
personal development through inquisitive experiences.” That sums up Adela’s
career to date perfectly. In 2011 she will have a solo show at Anya Tish’s
prestigious gallery in Houston.

Andea was a direct witness to the bloody Romanian Revolution of 1989 which
ended up with the overthrow of the totalitarian regime. In 1999, confronted by
danger close to her home she immigrated to the United States. Before settling in
Texas in 2005, where she received her American citizenship, she lived for six years
in California. I agree with her - Texas is a better place to live and be an artist.