Thursday, June 02, 2011

Adela Andea

When I first viewed photographs of Adela Andea's work, I was sceptical that her art was just bells and whistles. But then I saw the work at Cris Worley gallery and I was taken back by the movement. The lights are places like brush strokes of an expressionist artists. There is a nice organized randomness to the work that has many contradictions. You can follow the wires and watch to slow pulsating fans all day. It is no surprise that she struggled with the traditional sculpture department at UNT, but lucky for her, she easily slided over to the new media department. In her artist statement she says, "In my vision there is not one unilateral truth or message about reality." I think her vision comes through clearly in the work. Andea's work is the kind of art that you have to see in person to really get a sense of the work. Pictures can not do it justice, but here is 'Blue Alchemy' from the Dallas Art Fair.